Your Wedding Guest List Simplified

Wedding Planning

Creating and narrowing down your wedding guest list is no easy feat and can cause headaches and frustrations all around if you don’t have any guidance. So if you’re in the midst of trying to create your own wedding guest list, consider the following tips to help simplify the whole process so you can enjoy life a little more!


  • First, you need to see how many guests your venue can accommodate, and then decide how many guests you can afford.
  • Give 50% of that number to the Bride and Groom, 25% to the Bride’s parents, and 25% to the Groom’s parents.


  • Write out your list.
  • Divide your list and categorize each guest into tiers: FAMILY (grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings, first cousins), CLOSE FRIENDS & EXTENDED FAMILY (second cousins), COLLEAGUES & OTHER FRIENDS.
  • Look at your numbers, and start cutting people from the bottom tier and work your way up as needed. TIP: Cut an entire group of people rather than just individuals to avoid awkwardness and hurt feelings. For example, instead of just cutting 1-2 people from your yoga class, cut everyone from your yoga class.


If you still need to cut your list down, ask yourself, “Have I sat down and shared a meal with this person within the past two years?” If the answer is “No,” then cut him/her off the list. This includes family members. If you haven’t spoken to or seen a family member in over two years, then consider cutting them from the list as well…it’s not a family reunion.


A “Plus One” is a MUST for anyone engaged, married, or in a long-term relationship. But, if you still need to cut your list down, only offer “Plus Ones” to guests you have spent time with in a social setting. If you haven’t met their “Plus One,” then you don’t necessarily need to offer the option.

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