What is a Wedding Coach and Why Should You Hire One?

Wedding Planning

When I first opened Bespoken, I offered a Consultation Package, and honestly, had no direction in it, so I put it on the side table and didn’t offer it for a year while I focused on my Full and Partial Planning Brides.

After receiving many emails and questions for advice, I have decided to re-introduce that package, but this time…with more direction. So starting now…in 2017…I am offering the Versed Package…also known as “The Wedding Coach.”

A Wedding Coach is someone who comes alongside you and coaches you, guides you, and gives you the direction you need to plan your wedding on your own. A Wedding Coach is a neutral party that can act as a sounding board for all of your ideas, while also offering advice and suggestions based on her experience in the wedding industry. 

As your Wedding Coach, I will help you find the plan of action that best suits you. I will help you figure out where to begin and what to do first. There are SO MANY wedding resources available that it oftentimes becomes information overload, and you are left feeling very overwhelmed and anxious. Wedding planning should not be that way!

Through a series of coffee sessions (face-to-face or virtually, depending on your location and availability), we will sit down together and create a roadmap for your wedding. Because I’m not your best friend, your Maid of Honor, your Mother, or your Mother-in-Law, I will be honest with you. I will be able to make suggestions and give advice based on what works. You’ll leave our sessions feeling confident and equipped to take on the next steps in your planning process.

You will not have to Google how-to guides. You will not have to spend countless hours researching reputable and trustworthy vendors. You will not have to research wedding day timeline templates or a budget breakdown. I will equip you with this information, personalized for you.

While hiring a wedding planner is absolutely the best way to remove stress and anxiety from wedding planning, sometimes the cost doesn’t make it feasible for many brides to hire one. Hiring a Wedding Coach is a more economical route many brides can take to help ease this stress. 

By the time you leave our coffee sessions, you will walk away with a personalized plan that will make planning your own wedding day so much easier! Interested? Let’s chat!


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