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One of the things I always recommend my clients build is a wedding website, especially if there are many out of town guests attending the wedding. A wedding website is the place where you can put all of the important information your guests need to know for your wedding. It will also help curb many questions that guests have…which means less time bothering you.

There are a ton of wedding website options out there: Minted (Current Bespoken Brides: Ask me how you can receive a Premium Website at no cost to you!), Appy Couple, Wedding JoJo, Riley & Grey, Squarespace, and With Joy. Find one that works for you and your technical abilities, and then keep the following tips in mind.


Bottom line: Keep it simple. If you pay for your wedding website, you’ll be able to create a customized URL (i.e., If you are using a free template, you should be able to customize part of your URL. But no matter what, you want to keep the URL simple. You want it to be something your guests can easily remember so they can easily access it when they need the info.


Keep the design of your website cohesive with the design of your wedding. If your wedding is going to be modern and simple, then make sure your website reflects that style. If your wedding is going to incorporate green and white, then use those colors on your wedding website. This little detail will go a long way.


Try not to post your wedding website on the actual invitation itself. You can place it on your Save the Dates, map, RSVP card, Details card, and any other enclosure.


  • Do keep it simple. A few pages will suffice: About Us, Timeline/Events, Travel & Accommodations, Registry.
  • Do include travel information. You’re going to have both in-town and out-of-town guests, and those out-of-town guests need to know hotel accommodation info, flight info, rental car info, etc. Be sure to include the name, address, phone number, URL, and room block code for your hotels in which you’ve reserved blocks.
  • Do include a timeline of events. Include the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and any post-wedding after party and/or brunch. With each of these events, you want to include the start and end times, addresses, map, attire requirements, and any pertinent info on transportation to/from each location.
  • Do recommend things to do in the area. Your guests will need to fill some time, especially if they are coming in from out-of-town, and it’s always a nice touch to recommend sites, restaurants, and shopping. BONUS: Include this in a card in each of your welcome bags you (should) leave at your hotels!
  • Do include registry information. It’s a big faux-pas to include wedding registry info on your invitations and Save the Dates, but you definitely can put it on your website! And be sure to add a “Thank you” such as: “Thank you so much for thinking of us!”
  • Do include photos. People love photos. If you had Engagement Photos taken, add those! 


  • Don’t include exclusive events that everyone isn’t invited to attend. It’ll come across as rude if you include this information.
  • Don’t have guests RSVP online. Yes, this option is simple and convenient, but guests won’t take it as seriously as they would if they have to mail in the RSVP card.
  • Don’t include a novel-length biography of yourself and/or your wedding party. Just give a short overview of each wedding party member, and leave it at that.


You either want to password-protect your wedding website to prevent stalkers and wedding crashers OR you want to leave off personal info (i.e., your phone number, home address, etc.)

That’s it! Simple enough. How many of you have created a wedding website? Which site did you use? 




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