Wedding Encouragement & Advice from a Mom


It’s Mother’s Day. A day that can mean so many things to so many different people. But there’s one thing we can all agree on…moms are special. And when they offer advice, we listen to it (even if they think we aren’t).

So a few months ago, I read an article on Southern Weddings from an amazing woman and mama. Three of her five children are getting married this year, so she graciously shared some of her thoughts with the ladies at Southern Weddings. And I was very moved, and bookmarked this article to share with you today…

From the wise and loving mom and bestselling author, Lysa TerKeurst…

“…more than helping to plan the weddings, I want to prepare my kids for their marriages.

I’m especially wanting to prepare them for day one of their marriage. And I’m quickly learning that weddings are perfect for teaching young couples a crucial lesson:

The most happy couples are the ones who are most able to embrace imperfections.

Honestly, I’m still learning this lesson myself.

Whether you are the mother, the bride herself, or a hopeful soon-to-be-bride, can I take your hand and whisper a truth we all need?

No wedding is perfect.

The more we resist this reality, the less we’ll enjoy this most special day. But even more tragic for brides, the less you’ll enjoy your marriage.

There’s a little known secret about imperfections. What makes things most beautiful, most memorable, and most notable are the unexpected gifts wrapped in imperfections…

But here’s the great news. Imperfections help others uncross their arms, relax, and giggle. People will love you even more when they see you display grace in a tough place.

So embrace the unexpected.

Smile at the crazy.

Laugh at the unplanned.

And relax.

If you bring the happy, your day will be beautiful.”

Isn’t that refreshing? And a relief? I think so. Please be sure head on over to Southern Weddings to read the full article, as well as to see some beautiful images of Lysa’s children.


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