Vendor Spotlight: Kate Asire Flowers

Vendor Spotlight

As we continue highlighting some of the best of the best wedding professionals and wedding vendors in the South, we are super excited to introduce you to Kate Asire of Kate Asire Flowers in Greenville, SC! We have worked with Kate on several weddings, and she never disappoints. She is super talented, so kind, and incredibly creative… so we are excited to introduce you to this fabulous lady today!

  Photo:  Erica Serrano Photography

Photo: Erica Serrano Photography

What is your area of expertise? romantic, wild, garden-style wedding flowers, especially for brides who want custom installations, creative color palettes or simply beautiful flowers!

What led you to the wedding industry? I am a sucker for romance, I love hearing a couples love story and how their personalities influence their choices for decor. Also, when else in life do you get to have an abundance of gorgeous flowers?! There is something so magical about transforming a space with flowers for one very special day!

What is the best piece of advice you can give couples for planning their wedding? In regards to flowers, think about how flowers can create moments of impact. Rather than spreading little bits of flowers everywhere, I encourage couples to put more resources into large pieces that make an impression both on their guests and in photographs.

  Photo:  Emily Chidester

Photo: Emily Chidester

What is your favorite wedding trend right now? I might be biased but I love that couples are into custom installations, we have moved way beyond the traditional wedding arch (although I still love a good arch!) and couples are embracing hanging chandeliers, flower walls etc. We recently created an entire ceiling over the dance floor of greenery and strung flowers!

Where do you find your inspiration? Its a cliche but I truly believe that inspiration is everywhere. Right now I am looking at a lot of interior designers and slow fashion designers for inspiration. Minimalism is a trend that is having a huge moment in home and apparel design and I’m really interested in how that applies to wedding flowers.

What do you love most about what you do? As a trained painter and fine artist, I will always be most fulfilled when I am able to be creative in my work. I have been blessed with the BEST clients who come to me for my creative vision and have trusted me with their flowers. When it all comes together and the clients love it, that culminating moment is the absolute best!

  Photo:  Ryan & Alyssa

Photo: Ryan & Alyssa

What is your favorite way to spend a day off? An ideal day off is coffee and breakfast with friends in the morning, kayaking/hiking/biking during the day and home with my husband and cats to cook dinner at night.

What is your biggest guilty pleasure? hmmmm, I love sleeping in and having a lazy day at home in my PJs 🙂 also I love sweets, cheese, and wine so bonus if I’m eating and drinking all the things while in my PJs in bed!:)

What is your favorite Instagram account to follow? @elizasuzzan She is a young fashion designer and all of her clothes are made to order in her warehouse in Nashville. Her company stands for so many of the things I care about, sustainability, ethical living, great customer service etc and the whole team is a positive influence on my life and business. Not to mention her clothes are AMAZING!

  Photo:  Sophie Brendle Photography

Photo: Sophie Brendle Photography

What fun facts should we know about you that would contribute even more to your awesomeness? I grew up way out in the country on a dairy farm! It’s the most beautiful place on earth, and I love going home to visit.

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