{Vendor Love} Oysters XO

Wedding Planning

Recently, Michael with Oysters XO reached out to me, and we chatted for a little bit about what they offer and how they can best serve brides and grooms. And since oyster roasts and oyster rehearsal dinners are becoming more and more popular, I wanted to share a little about Oysters XO and this unique catering experience with all of you.

Located in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Toronto, Monterrey, Miami, Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, and Charleston, they are offering a truly unique culinary experience all over the country for weddings and other events. Don’t worry – they’ll come to the Upstate, too 😉

Their Oyster Girls and Oyster Guys move among your guests while shucking and serving high-quality oysters. They dress in outfits that are tailored to each event and serve oysters from the buckets that hang around their waists. While the Oyster Girls and Oyster Guys are mingling with your guests, the staff in the back-of-the-house takes care of the chilling of the oysters, the crushed iced, and all preparations so the servers are fully stocked and equipped to roam the room. The oysters are Premium East and West Coast Oysters straight from the oyster farms. Think of it as a mobile raw bar. 

This would be a great service and experience for your Rehearsal Dinner, Cocktail Hour, or Reception! If you’re interested in talking to Michael, let me know, and I’ll put you in touch!


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