Social Media, Email, and Your Wedding

Wedding Planning

We live in a world that is constantly becoming more and more technologically advanced. Like we talked about earlier this week, there are a lot of online and tech tools out there for you to plan your wedding. But when it comes to social media and email, there are still some guidelines you should be following in regards to your wedding. I have a love/hate relationship with technology because I think it can be used in good ways, but can also cause a lot of damage to relationships, businesses, etc. if not used properly. There are times using social media and email is appropriate for your wedding, and there are certainly times it is inappropriate.


For wedding invitations. Your invitation sets the tone for your ceremony and reception in a way that an email just can’t. People also like to pin invitations to their refrigerators as a reminder for an upcoming fun event (which also helps build anticipation to your big day)  They’re also keepsakes for many people.

For Thank You Notes: For every gift you receive, you should always take the time to hand-write a note and send it by snail mail. No exceptions. If you fall behind, send a quick Facebook message or email to let them know it was good to see them at the wedding, you love the blender, and a note will follow soon.

When discussing personal or sensitive issues: Texting, social media, and email sometimes misconstrue tone and body language which are both so important in resolving conflicts. Pick up the phone and call to talk it over, or arrange a face-to-face meeting to get everything back on track. Don’t rely on texting, social media, or email to try to resolve any conflict.


“Save the Date” notices: It is perfectly fine to send your Save the Dates via email if you would like.

Wedding RSVPs: When sending out invitations, it’s acceptable to give guests the option of emailing their RSVP to you. Simply add a sentence at the bottom of your printed response card stating, “Replies also welcome at by [date]”. If there’s a short turnaround time for responses, this is especially appropriate.

Wedding Announcements: While many still prefer the formal way of sharing the happy news of an engagement, it’s also acceptable to send wedding announcements via email. Just remember to use the BCC option so you don’t share everyone’s email addresses, and so people can’t “Reply All” and blow up everyone’s inbox.

Invitations to informal or casual engagement parties, bridal showers, and other pre-wedding get-togethers: These are all extremely important, and most people will want to honor that by sending out printed invitations. Email invites or e-vites can be an acceptable alternative. This is not the time to create a Facebook event, though. Each invitation should be sent to the intended recipient.

Information on Lodging and Destination: When sending out invitations, it’s fine to include an enclosure containing a map and directions for out-of-town guests. To avoid overloading and detracting from the beautiful invitation itself, however, you will want to include other material (hotels, restaurants, points of local interest) in a separate mailing. Also include these details on your wedding website.

Wedding Updates: Group emails, Facebook, and Instagram are perfect for keeping friends and family updated on your wedding planning progress. Just use common sense and consideration: don’t flood in-boxes with daily news flashes, and don’t share every tiny detail. Save those tiny details for your closest friends.

Thanks to Emily Post for some of these tips!


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