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One of the first things we did after getting engaged was hire a wedding coordinator. Because I’m a wedding planner myself, I know the importance of finding a reputable, talented planner to take over the reigns on our big day. I want someone else to handle the logistics, vendor communication, as well as help me hone in on our design and aesthetic.

Bespoken’s team was already busy, so I started to think elsewhere. There are several really good wedding planners in the Upstate, and my choice wasn’t easy. We asked ourselves several questions when it came to choosing a planner, and my hope is that reading through my thought process will help you choose your own planner for your own wedding day!

How involved do we want our wedding planner to be? There are so many different services wedding planners offer… full-service planning, partial planning, design assistance, and month-of/day-of coordination. I felt really confident in planning the majority of our wedding. I also felt fairly comfortable (at first) with our design…but quickly found that making final decisions on our design and aesthetic was harder than helping our clients. So I decided I wanted some help with the design as well as someone to take over the reigns closer to the wedding day to handle the logistics…while coming in and taking care of every single detail on the day of the wedding.

How much experience do they have?  While I’m a huge believer in new entrepreneurs and budding planners, I wanted to hire someone with lots of experience in this region so that I didn’t have to worry about a single thing in the days leading up to the wedding, as well as the big day itself. If any unusual situation arose, I wanted someone to be able to handle it with grace and humility… but while also getting the job done.

Do they already have a wedding on our wedding date? How booked are they? I know what it takes for a wedding planner to do a solid job on any wedding day, so I wanted to make sure that whoever we hired didn’t already have another wedding planned on our date. I also wanted to make sure that she didn’t have a super heavy load for the year because I wanted to find someone who, like we do at Bespoken, focuses on a small number of weddings each year to ensure the highest level of service. 

Are they fun to work with? Do we get along?   Because I know the amount of time I’d spend talking to my coordinator, I wanted to make sure that whoever we hired felt like a friend. I know how close I personally get with most of my clients, and I wanted to make sure I’d feel comfortable around my own planner. I wanted someone who is a professional but also a friend.

Do their design tastes align with ours? Can they help direct me in the way I want to be going? Because I found that I was a deer in headlights/overwhelmed when it came to my own wedding design, I knew I wanted to find someone who understood the look and aesthetic I was trying to achieve. Because I’ve seen so many weddings, I really want things to be a little out-of-the-box and creative while remaining timeless and true to us. I wanted to hire someone who would work with me and collaborate with me in translating the design details I envisioned into our wedding day.

So who did we end up hiring? We hired Allie and Bri with Upstate I Do! I’ve known and worked with Allie longer than anyone else in the wedding industry in the Upstate. I wholeheartedly trust them. They are the perfect mix of everything we were looking for. They were some of the first ones to get excited for us after I announced our engagement. They work closely with their clients, and they were able to quickly articulate everything I was looking for as far as wedding planning services go.

We are really excited to hand over the reigns to these two beautiful ladies!

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