Savannah’s Spring Shadow Experience


This Spring, Bespoken was blessed with TWO amazing, grace-filled shadows (read about Sarah and Savannah ). We couldn’t have been able to do what we did for each of our clients this spring without these two women. 

Sweet Savannah has been a huge blessing to the Bespoken Team for the past few months, and we are so so grateful for her, her encouragement, and her kindhearted spirit. I’m excited to let her tell you about her experience as a Bespoken Shadow! 

  Kendal and I on  Analise & Frankie's big day

Kendal and I on Analise & Frankie’s big day

My heart is filled to the brim as I reflect on my time as a shadow! I am so sad it’s all coming to an end. Over the course of this season, I have learned so much as an intern for Bespoken. Here are 10 things this program taught me:

  1. It really is all in God’s hands. Growing up, I was never focused on my faith and I never really tried. As I finished college and began to serve with Bespoken, my relationship with God began to play a more significant role in my life. I could barely hold back tears once when Kendal spoke to a bride on her rainy wedding day. She told our sweet bride that God already knew what her wedding day would look like, including the weather, and God really isn’t surprised by anything. It was obvious that He was and is always constantly weaving the components of a wedding together to create an incredible day.
  2. We are nothing without our community. At the core of Bespoken is community. Whether it be partnerships with vendors or lifelong friendships with couples, Shannon and her team are purposeful and intentional in their work with others, which is incredibly admirable.
  3. You can never have too many flowers. Seriously! One of my favorite parts of setting up on a wedding day is watching the florists work their magic.
  4. Brunch is the best meal of the day, hands down.
  5. You have to be organized. Whether you’re scrolling through a timeline on your Apple Watch, flipping through files on an iPad, or scribbling notes in your day-of binder, you gotta keep it all together. As my grandpa says: “Organization is the key to success!”
  6. It’s true, what they say: Shannon’s engagement ring looks dang GOOD.
  7. Planning is hard. I’ve been filling my Pinterest profile to the brim with wedding ideas my whole life, writing fake wedding timelines in Microsoft Word when I’m bored in class (sorry mom), but nothing I did and no daydream I had prepared me for the amount of work required on a wedding day (and before…and after). There are so many parts to a wedding day that go unseen, and there are so many To Dos that will never make it onto an inspiration board. You have to be able to take whatever the wedding throws your way and fit it into the couple’s vision for the day.
  8. Do not think you are a strong, stable individual that can withstand father-daughter dances. It’s okay, we all cry – I mean, have you ever heard the song “I Loved Her First”? RIGHT?! Trust me: keep some tissues in your pocket.
  9. Patience is a virtue.
  10. What is done in love is done well. If there are mistakes, mishaps, thunderstorms, missing flowers, lost car keys, mic feedback at the altar, dress malfunctions…none of that actually matters, which is what I’ve come to realize through Bespoken. Yeah, for a hot second, it’s awkward or an Oh no! – but at the end of the day, if you try your best, give grace, and love hard, you can’t really go wrong. Shannon’s team works diligently to tell the stories of couples who have come from far and wide to get married and celebrate their love for each other. At each wedding day, Shannon’s desire to serve others and serve in love is so apparent. This is what I admire about Shannon and what I will take with me beyond Bespoken.
  Florals at Mary Kate and Charlie's wedding

Florals at Mary Kate and Charlie’s wedding

Shannon, you are a freaking rockstar. I can’t put into words how much I look up to you, which is why this part is only like two sentences. So thankful God crossed our paths and led me to serve and learn underneath you (and ask you for snacks).

Kendal, you are such a joy! I never want to stop hearing stories of your sweet babies and the difference you’re making in the lives of so many people. Thank you for breaking out a good music playlist when everybody needs it and bringing faith back to the center of Bespoken when chaos starts to take over. It was such a blessing to work alongside you!

Emily, thank you for always listening to my crazy stories, joining me in obsessing over wedding dresses, making me laugh when I’m crying at maid of honor toasts, and helping me become an expert sparkler lighter.

Sarah, ugh. What can I even say?! Sharing this experience with you was such a blessing. Can’t wait to have more Sex and the City marathons with Emily while we all sit cross legged, covered in invitation samples and wedding magazines. I’m so excited to be your forever friend.

  Setting up for Julia and Dan - where I also got to hold her train before she walked down the aisle and internally screamed in excitement the whole time

Setting up for Julia and Dan – where I also got to hold her train before she walked down the aisle and internally screamed in excitement the whole time


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