Sarah’s Spring Shadow Experience


Earlier this week, Savannah told you a little bit about her shadow experience with us, and today we’re excited to let Sarah take it away and tell about the experience from her perspective!

Sarah, with her kindhearted, humble, and energetic spirit, is an incredible young lady. She’s steadfast and willing to go along with WHATEVER we ask her to do (even become a last-minute dog sitter). She’s been an amazing asset to this team, and we will surely miss her.

  That time I needed to dog-sit the

That time I needed to dog-sit the “Flower Dog” before the Ceremony

The Bespoken Shadow Program has been both a dream and a blessing. I remember in the rounds of interviews being afraid and doubting the calling that the Lord placed in my heart, because the doors he had placed in front of me were all closed except for the glimmer of hope I had in the opportunity with Bespoken. I became discouraged until my best friend tagged me in the social media post Bespoken posted about the position, and I remember applying immediately. Something in my heart stirred, and I knew that this was it, that it had to be the opportunity I was waiting for. As I looked further into the mission and vision of Bespoken, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that they worked in the wedding industry for the same reasons I wanted to. As Shannon called to tell me that I was chosen for the position, I was beside myself with joy and peace knowing it was where I needed to be, and that the people were put into my life for a specific purpose.

When we had our first initial team meeting, I remember being nervous with thoughts of, ‘What if I am not good enough? What if the other girls I am working with do not like me?’ But that is what Satan does, he tries to feed rational lies to you and mess with your perception of your character when you are stepping into God’s calling on your life. I submitted my fears before the Lord, and in our first meeting, I knew this group of ladies were absolutely everything I had been waiting for and more. I knew we would work well together, that we would encourage each other in our callings, but that ultimately, we would be wonderful friends and point each other towards the Lord. I remember leaving the meeting with a joy I cannot explain, and I called my parents to tell them that this was a fulfillment of my immeasurably more.

Before the first wedding I worked I met Savannah, the other lovely Bespoken shadow, at Tandem in Traveler’s Rest. We went over the timeline for the wedding, discussed our social media platforms, and bonded as friends for life. In my first shadow experience, I learned the importance of minor details, being under the radar, and more than anything making sure the details are set just right for the bride and groom. I learned that the innerworkings of a wedding are the most important part. It is a form of public relations mixed with customer service: maintaining the bride and groom’s best interest while making sure their day is as joyful as the lifetime they spend together will be. The day of a wedding is long and stressful behind the scenes but leaving knowing you have helped make someone’s special day more special is such a reward no one else can take from you.

The night before the second wedding I worked, Emily, Savannah, and I had a sleepover at my house. We went to the local grocery store and bought supplies for the next day, as well as snacks for the night. It was my first time ever trying cake in a mug, and it was honestly such a fun experience to share. We watched Sex and The City the movie, expressed our love for Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha, and read through countless wedding magazines. We talked about what our own weddings will look like one day, and it was such a dream. It is amazing to meet a group of people who believe the same things you believe, but also dream the way you dream.

Throughout the rest of the Bespoken Shadow program, I made many friendships among the different vendors, developed interpersonal skills that will last me a lifetime, and refined the passion for ministry in wedding coordination that I did not know I had two years ago even.  I learned that timelines are very important and are sensitive minute-to-minute, that sometimes it is important to know when to be firm on requests issued by the wedding party, and to handle conflict as timely and as easily as possible. Whether it is laying and straightening linens, making sure the toasting glasses are on the cake table, or alerting the photographer for bouquet toss, ensuring each detail of someone’s special day is exactly how they wish for it to be is a way to remind them it is not just about one day- it is about a lifetime together. It is not just that weddings are pretty and fun, but rather that they point towards a covenant that is meant to hold a great landmark in our lives. We are relational creatures and we serve a relational God. We were made to first and foremost live in community with Him, and in Him we are complete. He then created relationships among His creation because He knew that together we needed not completion, but rather complement.  Celebrating the bond between two people who are wonderful complements and who make each other stronger will always hold a special place in my heart. Finding people who feel the same calling and celebrate marriage the way I do has been an absolute blessing, and I will forever cherish all that the Lord has given me through Bespoken. It is honestly more of a family than a friend group. These beautiful ladies are not only my co-workers, but they are the community that I have been blessed with for the years to come.


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