Our Wedding: Dusty Blue Inspired by the Ocean


In case you missed it, our wedding was featured on Inspired By This recently, and we are so honored and so thrilled to not only have it featured by one of our favorite blogs, but to also finally be able to share some of it with you!

July 28, 2018 will forever be one of my favorite days. It was a date that sat on the calendar for several months while we both were full of excitement and anticipation. And as the day rolled nearer and nearer, especially the day before and day-of, there was a sense of peace and calmness that swept over me. As our friends and family started arriving in town, and as all of the wedding plans were finalized, we were able to sit and truly relish in the fact that we were about to exchange vows in front of our closest loved ones.

I wrote a lot about our wedding planning process on the blog already, and I wrote a pretty good chunk of the story for our feature on Inspired By This… if you haven’t read any of those posts, please go back and do so if you want a little peek into all the lovely details (posts linked at the bottom of this one). Otherwise…here are some of our favorite photos from the best day ever.

Warning: There are a lot of photos…this was the hardest wedding photo gallery to narrow down…


Shannon’s Wedding Blog Post Series:


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