Honeymoon Tips for Every Kind of Bride

Wedding Planning

The time and effort you put into making your wedding day unforgettable have come to fruition, and now it’s time to wave goodbye to family and friends and embark on a journey as newlyweds. Don’t fret if most of your focus went towards the wedding fanfare or you aren’t experienced in trip planning; an extraordinary honeymoon is still within your grasp. You don’t have to sacrifice personality, no matter what type of couple you are there are boundless post-wedding options out there.

Off the Beaten Path

Explore Portugal, an oft-forgot small country in Europe that features a multitude of dazzling cities and luscious landscapes. From Lisbon’s colorfully tiled streets and nearby sun-kissed beaches to Evora’s medieval cobblestone pathways and ancient temples, Portugal boasts of old-European charm without the typical European travel destination price tag.


For couples seeking to return home with that bronzed, honeymoon glow is the Indonesian island of  Bali. With volcanic mountains, picturesque rice paddy fields, and renowned spa locations, a jungle of adventure and relaxation awaits in Bali at merely a percentage of other beach resort locations. Save on flights by booking in the early spring, as prices tend to rise in the summer and winter.

Close to Home

If a far-off destination isn’t on your list, the sparkling waters of the east coast are a simple alternative that will spark envy from friends back home. Reserve a cozy vacation rental along Corolla, North Carolina’s  white sand beaches and cuddle up on the deck for whale watching beneath a radiant sunset. This quaint town is making its mark on the wedding scene convenient options that don’t skimp on natural beauty.

Romance in Your City

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it real; after hosting an opulent wedding not everyone has the desire to venture a honeymoon that includes a trip to a foreign land, and that’s okay. The important thing is that you have time to share with your partner as you commence your new lives together. Discovering a new part of your city can be just as a romantic, and is a great kick-start to making memories.

Book a charming local hotel or splurge on a sweet bed and breakfast with a cozy fireplace or steamy jacuzzi tub with a view. Don’t forget to tell your hotel you’re on honeymoon- they’ll usually decorate your room with rose petals and might even give free treats. Grab dinner at a trendy new location, or reenact your first date and follow it up with a bottle of wine or a wild night of karaoke.

Not a hotel person? Make your own home an oasis or reserve a grand Airbnb and settle in with candles and a home-cooked dinner for two. Shutout the world and just be alone in each other’s company where you can relish in the afterglow of your wedding. Every couple is different and enjoys different things; don’t let the stereotype of what a honeymoon “should be” dictate what your honeymoon could be.


If the idea of a typical honeymoon puts you to sleep, there are plenty of unique options for couples to break the norm. Grab a tent and plan an evening under the stars at a local campground or ‘glampground’. Ditch your phones and spend the day hiking through the wilderness, check out white-water rafting or horseback riding, and top it off with a fireside meal with s’mores for dessert. A mini escape from the real world is a fun way to get out of your comfort zone and solidify your bond.

Alternatively, a picturesque honeymoon on four wheels cruising the open road could be the answer you’re searching for. Pick a few nearby cities or interesting locations that will make your road trip memorable. From scenic lookouts to checking off bucket-list locations and jamming to oldies together, this unique kind of honeymoon makes your journey the ultimate destination. Go nuts: pack your camera, eat greasy food at nearly-abandoned diners, and a use a map that you have to hold with your hands! Whatever the itinerary, you can’t go wrong exploring with your favorite person.

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