Getting Started With Your Guest List

Wedding Planning

One of the most stressful tasks when planning your wedding is creating your guest list. So many brides and grooms have questions on what’s appropriate, who they should invite, who they shouldn’t invite, and how many they should invite. Most aspects of your budget will depend on your guest count, so that just adds to the level of stress. But today we’re here to help you when creating and curating your wedding guest list so that hopefully it’s not as stressful for you.

The first thing you should do is make a list of every single person you would like to invite. Think about everyone – from your oldest friends to your newest friends to your colleagues to your parents’ best friends and to the most extended family member. Write all of their names down.

Now take your list and double it. More than likely, every person you wrote down has a significant other. Yes, some of them may have already been included on your list, but you’re just looking for a generic number at this point.

Next you want to have a conversation with each other about how you want your wedding to feel. Do you want it to be a big party, or would you rather it be a more intimate soiree? Discuss your venue and its capacity. Discuss your budget, because again, almost every aspect of your budget hangs on the number of guests at your wedding. Once you discuss all of this, come up with a target guest list number. Statistics show that 10-30% of your guest list will decline your wedding invitation, so take your target number and add about 10%. If you’d like 100 people to actually attend your wedding, then make your list somewhere between 110-130.

Go back to your original list. In all likelihood, at this point you’re going to need to edit and make some cuts. Visit this post for tips on how to narrow down and curate your wedding guest list.


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