Garden Wedding Inspiration


April is Lawn and Garden Month, so today’s post is for the brides who want a little unique garden inspiration for their wedding. I come from a family who loves sinking their hands in the dirt and planting a variety of different flowers and plants. My father and brother take quite a bit of pride in their yards, and my grandparents worked tirelessly on a “garden-farm” (as I like to call it) for years where they grew some of the juiciest, tastiest blueberries and green beans. So all of that to say…I love the outdoors, and I believe a lot of this love of gardening has been passed on to me (even though I’m not always very successful at it). I’m pretty excited about today’s inspiration board.

Garden weddings don’t have to incorporate only soft pastels. What if you took a bold color like red and mixed it with a lot of natural elements like stone and wood? Throw in some hints of pink and blues and lots and lots of greenery, and you could have a very beautiful garden aesthetic for your wedding design. 

  Dress  |  Lichen  |  Painting

Dress | Lichen | Painting

How’s that for some major garden inspiration? I love how the dress looks like the garden is growing on her back, and I love the mix of colors in all three of these images. Perfect.

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