Why a Wedding Planner Is Worth It

Here's the thing...I get a lot of emails from brides. Newly engaged and eager beautiful women who are excited to plan their wedding. They love the dresses, the flowers, and the intimacy of a wedding just as much as I do. And they need help. So we talk. 

Sometimes they're surprised by the cost of a wedding planner, and when this happens, I do everything I can to explain why a wedding planner is absolutely worth the investment. And it's hard to understand it all when your planner is giving you a service and not a tangible product to hold. Your florist will create a beautiful bouquet for you to hold throughout the day. Your hair and makeup artist will make you look even more beautiful than you already are. Your photographer will end up giving you a beautiful album. And at the end of the night, your wedding planner doesn't have a pretty package of his or her services to give you. 

But here's what your wedding planner does give you...

Peace of Mind.


It's kind of like an insurance agent. Your insurance agent isn't really selling insurance; he's selling peace of mind. And when you hire a wedding planner, you're buying peace of mind. You're buying your time back. Because let's face it - planning a wedding is a time-consuming task. And if you work 40+ hours a week (or are in school), you likely want any of your downtime to be spent with your loved ones and family. You don't really want to be dealing with the nitty-gritty details of planning your wedding.

So when you hire a wedding planner, you're actually buying your time back...and peace of mind that someone else will handle things leading up to the day...as well as handle every.single.thing on the day of your wedding so you can enjoy your first day of your marriage.


I get it - it's confusing to understand everything that goes into planning a wedding. There are hours and hours of time that go into planning a wedding. There's lots of consulting, brainstorming, designing, styling, planning, coordinating, and directing. And then there's the actual day-of the wedding when your planner is on her feet from anywhere from 8-15 hours, making sure that everything is going as planned...that you look perfect...that every bowtie is straight...that the dresses are flowing beautifully without static taking control...that every single guest is comfortable...that the flatware is placed just-so... And that you feel like a guest at your own wedding. Hiring a wedding planner is an investment and one that you can't afford to lose.

A good wedding planner will give you peace of mind and the gift of being able to be fully present on your wedding day. You'll remember sipping mimosas with your best girls. You'll remember putting your dress on and his face lighting up when he sees you in it for the first time. You'll remember seeing your reception space before any of your guests do, set up just the way you wanted it. You'll remember having a sweet moment with your father before he walks you down the aisle. You'll remember your vows. You'll remember your first dance, your cake cutting, and laughing and dancing throughout the entire night. You'll be able to actual savor your wedding day without it going by so fast that you don't even know what happened. 

So while your wedding planner can't give you a tangible boxed-up gift of her services, what she can give you is a sense of peace that everything will be taken care of without you having to do anything. And that, from what we've heard from our past clients, is priceless.

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