Shannon's Wedding: Our Photographer

Of all the things you plan for your wedding, other than your dress and actual marriage (and maybe leftover cake), you will really only have your wedding photos to remember the day. They are what you will cherish for years and years after the wedding. So when it came time to choosing our photographer, we were very careful... but it wasn't an easy task. There are SO many highly talented photographers in our area, and we are friends with several of them. Many of them we wanted to actually attend our wedding as guests, not as vendors. So as we asked ourselves many of the questions below, I'm hoping reading through this will help you in choosing your own wedding photographer.

What style are we most drawn to? As a wedding planner, I see a lot of different styles of photography. I'm typically drawn towards simple and timeless photography with an editorial touch. I prefer unposed photos and photographers who are able to capture all of the real, genuine moments as well as the beautiful details.

I wanted to make sure we hired someone who makes an effort to capture even the tiniest of details. I like crisp photos and photos that capture the most tender of moments in a wedding day.


How comfortable will we be with our photographer? Anyone who knows me knows I never feel comfortable in front of a camera. That's one of the reasons I like being a wedding planner - for the most part, I stay behind the scenes. So I wanted to make sure that whoever we hired would make us feel comfortable in front of the camera... someone we could relax with... because other than our wedding planner, our photographer would be the one to spend the most time with us throughout this process and on the wedding day.

How will our photographer interact with our vendors, family, and guests?  It's super important to me that our photographer be respectful to our venue, vendors, and loved ones. I wanted to make sure our photographer was one who would collaborate and work with our planner. I also wanted to make sure we hired someone who had plenty of experience managing a wedding party, family, and guests for photos.

Who did we end up hiring? We're so excited to be working with Jonathan Connolly! I met him when he and his wife moved to the area last year from South Florida (which, if you know me, you know I used to live in South Florida and have a genuine love for the area). He is so nice, fun, and makes us both feel relaxed in front of the camera. His photographic style is also what we were looking for.

The funny thing is I was already considering contacting him when Carrie from The White Box recommended him to me! We are overjoyed that Jonathan will be capturing our wedding day for us in July... and we'll share more of our engagement session with him soon.

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