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These two. I have struggled with the right introduction to their blog post because Chase and Mekaela are the absolute sweetest. They found us on Instagram last fall as they were looking for a South Carolina wedding planner to help them with their Charleston wedding at Lowndes Grove Plantation. They live in Florida, but are planning a lowcountry destination wedding. I haven’t even met them face-to-face yet, but you can literally feel the love between them when you’re talking to them, texting them, or Face Timing them. They want their guests to not only witness the love they share, but also clearly see their love of the Lord. It’s truly going to be a very meaningful celebration. I mean… look at their top 3 wedding must-haves below… 

  Carrie Elizabeth Photography

Carrie Elizabeth Photography

How did you two meet? How long have you known each other? From Chase: “We met through our home church in Virginia. Mekaela had served in an after school program with my parents years ago, although we had never met until this year. I would often hear my parents talk of this “wonderful sweetheart” Mekaela they met there. Fast forward several years, and the Lord led me to reach out to her despite having never met on December 11, 2016. We talked for 3 months over the phone nearly every night until we met in person for the first time in March. We have been inseparable ever since. We know that Jesus made us for one another and the old adage “when you know, you know” made sense for the first time.” 

In terms of how long we have know each other…We started dating March 5, 2017, got engaged three months later and will be married in less than a year of meeting one another in person… we are head over soles in Love.

Where do guys like to go on your dates? Friday Night=Date Night. We typically go to local restaurants, any place that has tacos, sweet potato fries, and a good salad!

What is your favorite restaurant or type of food? Locally in Florida, our go-to food spots are Tap 42 and Taco Craft (we sit outside at both of these restaurants and order the exact same thing every time). The waiter/waitresses are starting to know us by name…is that a bad thing? *secretly hoping you’re saying “No.” right now.*

  Carrie Elizabeth Photography

Carrie Elizabeth Photography

Complete this sentence: We go together like _______. Chocolate Chip Cookies & Milk (You’re Welcome)

When did you know he was “the one”? Did he know before you knew? He Knew: Dec 31, 2016
She Knew: Jan 2, 2017

The Lord whispered to both of us that each other was “the One” before we even met, actually just a few weeks after we started to get to know one another. No words can describe truly how we knew, it was just simply inescapable that the Lord made us for one another.

How did he propose? Were you surprised? From Chase’s Perspective: For us, it’s always been about all the little things and every moment we have together. We wanted to share our first sunrise together, so on June 30, 2017, we did just that. We went to Dania Beach, the first beach we visited together. After bringing in the new day, we each filled little bottles with sand we collected on our own, to then give to one another to remember this special moment together. There was one last little bottle, the most special of all. I asked if we could fill this last bottle with sand we collected together to signify the blending of our lives. Little did Mekaela know the bottle had her engagement ring tied to it. I got down on one knee and asked for Mekaela’s hand in marriage. She said “yes!” with resounding joy. Jesus made us for one another. Our hearts are overwhelmed with gratefulness for all He has done and is doing in us and our family.”

  Carrie Elizabeth Photography

Carrie Elizabeth Photography

When and where are you two getting married? What made you decide to get married here? February 25, 2018 @ Lowndes Grove Plantation in Charleston, SC

Charleston embodies a timeless and more laid-back feel, which we desired for our wedding. It reminds us to pause and to step back in the busyness of life. Out of the venues we visited, before we had set foot outside of the vehicle we were screaming in the car, “This is it! This is the place we are going to get married!” I’ll never forget that feeling. Never.

What colors are you using for your wedding? White, Ivory, Sage, Lavender Gray, Gold Accents

Describe your wedding in three words. Timeless. Intentional. Joyful.

How would you describe the style of your wedding? Natural, organic, minimal.

  Carrie Elizabeth Photography

Carrie Elizabeth Photography

What are your top 3 must-haves for your wedding? Café Lights
“Mekaela.” – Chase
“Chase.” – Mekaela

What is your favorite wedding blog or magazine? Truthfully, we don’t frequent wedding blogs or magazines much, but our vote is Bespoken’s blog  😉

What have you loved most about planning your wedding? The excitement that we see in other people (family, friends, and even vendors) brings us such joy. We have loved piecing the details together – not just choosing things to check it off a list – every element is intentional so we take time to ensure it is reflective of our hearts and make it uniquely our own.

  Carrie Elizabeth Photography

Carrie Elizabeth Photography

Are you guys going on a honeymoon? Where? Why did you choose this location? What are you going to do? We are, but only Chase knows the details, so for now your guess is as good as mine 😉

What are you most excited about in your marriage? Every “little” thing: grocery shopping, designing our home, cleaning, growing old together, encouraging one another to pursue Jesus more; to be more like Him.

If you could give any future bride one piece of advice, what would you tell her?: Time is precious. With me being in medical school, finding the perfect time to get married was quite a challenge for both Chase and myself. We both knew we were ready to be married (like three months ago), but we were trying to balance the busyness of work and school and being able to enjoy the planning process of our wedding. After trying to find the one perfect time, we realized the busyness of life would never slow down, and that life is short. After talking with Shannon and realizing that we could plan the wedding of our dreams in less than 4 months, we set the date for February 25th, and have been enjoying the planning process every step of the way. Don’t let short time frames scare you away. It IS possible. So bottom line advice to future Brides, the sooner you get married, the more anniversaries you will have.

We are SO incredibly excited for this exciting weekend! 🙂 Oh…and in case you’re wondering…their engagement photos were scheduled during the random weekend a big snowstorm blew through Charleston…how often do you get engagement photos in the snow in Charleston? #hearteyes


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