quick facts about me

I grew up in Atlanta, was raised on The Babysitters Club, ballet, Friday night football, and Sundays with my family.

At the age of 17, I knew I wanted to be an Event Planner. It took awhile to venture into this on my own (after gaining tons of experience in almost every other facet of this industry), but I did it. And now I run this company with a team of amazing women who have the same values I do.

My mission as a Planner and Designer is to help you plan beautiful and unforgettable moments that you will hold dear for the rest of your life.

Shannon Pruitt

+ I was born in Greensboro, NC, was raised in Atlanta, GA, and have spent my adult life living in Greenville, SC, Jupiter, FL, and Duncan, SC

+ I would rather have chips and salsa over something sweet any day of the week.

+ I love gardening and try to grow veggies every summer.

+ I married my best friend on July 28, 2018. Best. Day. Ever. 

+ I'm sadly allergic to dogs.

quick facts about me

Brentley, my husband. He's a hard-working and fierce-loving man. We met on a dating app, had our first date at The Southern Growl in Greer, SC and were married about a year and a half later.  He likes to tell people that he had to carry the weight of our very first conversation ;)

my husband


Our house is pretty classic and relaxed with a lot of neutral grays and cool blues. There are some modern pieces here and there, but overall, everything is pretty traditional. My go-to home decor + inspiration sources are Young House Love, Magnolia/Chip + Jo, The Home Edit, and Chris Loves Julia.

relaxed and minimal

my design style

Bubbles. Always.

Well... maybe the occasional glass of red wine.

happy hour drink

my go to

I LOVE a good book. I'll read most any genre and try my best to switch to a new genre after I finish a book. My recent favorites include Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens, How to Celebrate Everything by Jenny Rosenstrach, Next Year in Havana by Chanel Cleeton, and Of Mess and Moxie by Jen Hatmaker.



I love the sunshine. I love the warm weather.

If I'm not at the beach with my toes in the sand, I'm most likely outside relaxing or gardening.

Or making a seasonal, summery dish (I love cooking) and inviting friends over to enjoy it.

is summer

my favorite season

Most any beach. But beyond that... I love the coast of California, Costa Rica, and Italy. I'd go back to any of those places in a heartbeat.

place to visit

my favorite

My day begins with a cup of coffee and a few minutes away from the clock, working out and reading. From then on out, I'm a busy woman + Event Planner + boss lady combo. It's the simplest things in my life that make the biggest impressions to me. And that philosophy follows me through each day, whether I'm working out, meeting with a client, mulling over idea boards, reading, planning meals, helping my husband in our yard, orchestrating details, or licking 250 envelopes for a bride's invitation suite. Keeping things simplified and streamlined means you have more room for the good stuff in life.

I believe in grace and living a grace-filled life. I believe in Jesus who is big enough to redeem anyone or anything from the bottom of the deepest pit.


The Team