A Romantic Boho Wedding in Spartanburg, SC


We consider it an absolute honor when another vendor refers us to a bride… so can you imagine when Kate Asire recommended us to one of her interns? We were so thrilled and completely humbled by this! And when we met Julia for coffee for the first time, it was like talking to a friend. And sure enough, she ended up feeling more like a friend than anything. To the point where she freelanced for Kate for my own wedding, and I was so warmed by the fact that she showed up to deliver my bouquets the morning of my wedding. 

Julia and Dan’s April wedding at Lion’s Gate Manor was nothing short of beautiful. With Ukrainian roots, we made sure their wedding reflected their cultures (don’t even get me started on the homemade desserts…). With a moody color palette of blues and burgundies, their entire wedding was romantic and bohemian. We hope you enjoy some of our favorite photos from Manchik Photography from their wedding day…and keep scrolling to read about their wedding from Julia’s point of view!

How did you two meet? Daniel and I met at a wedding in Florida! I was a bridesmaid from South Carolina and Daniel was the photographer from Seattle.

How long have you been together? Two wonderful years

What was your favorite moment and/or detail from your wedding? We had so many meaningful moments but I think my personal favorite was our first look. We wrote our own personal vows and read them to each other at our first look. It helped settle any nerves and gave us a moment to ourselves, letting it sink in that we are getting married!

How was your experience working with us for your wedding? BEYOND INCREDIBLE. We could not have asked for a more amazing team. Shannon and the girls go above and beyond in every way. She was there for us every step of the way, even with the smallest of things. I panicked about what to wear for my bridal shower and Shannon was so quick to give guidance and help me with even those details. We sing their praises to everyone and cannot wait for another family wedding, knowing that we can have them be a part of the wedding and it be incredible!

What would you have done differently during your planning process? I feel like there is very little I would have done differently, simply because we had incredible vendors and family to support us every step of the way! With that being said, I would have given family and friends more smaller side tasks, that way they feel involved and you can focus on the bigger tasks.

How would you describe your overall wedding experience? It was perfect. Everything came together so well! Our vendors were amazing to work with, We incorporated all the details that are important to us, and our families had minimal stress . Our wedding day went so smoothly and there was no stress whatsoever, which was one of our biggest goals. We wanted our family and friends to spend the day celebrating, enjoying great food, and good company.

Did you see each other before the wedding? If not, did you like waiting, or would you have done it differently? Tell us why and why not! We did see each other at our first look! We initially were going to wait but realized with an evening wedding that would leave us no time for pictures. In the end, I’m so glad we didn’t wait. I wouldn’t have handled the jitters all day, waiting to see Daniel!

Tell us about your dress! Where did you find it, how did you choose it, and how did you know it was “the one”? My dress was definitely not what I originally thought I wanted! Although, in the end it was the most perfect dress for me! It was a A-line gown with a beautiful long train, detailed beading and a deep V cut. Very romantic with a bit of a bohemian vibe to it! The dress also has a slight blush hue and I really loved that! I went to Anjolique Bridal in Cornelius, NC. I did some research on designers I liked within my budget and they carried the most options. I initially tried it on “just for fun”, I saw it on display and they suggested I just try it on! Once it was on, everything else just didn’t compare and I put it back on once again and it was just “the one”.

What was the first song you danced to as Newlyweds? Father-Daughter Dance song? Mother-Son Dance Song? Our first dance song was “The way you look tonight” by Frank Sinatra. Neither of our parents are ones to dance, and so we skipped the other dances!

What were you most anxious, nervous, or fearful about regarding your wedding day, and what was the outcome? I think I was just anxious that all my planning wouldn’t be what I had envisioned the day of. I love details and being incredibly organized. I generally am the person to take care of everything for myself and then everyone else around me. The outcome on our wedding day was amazing, all of our vendors did so well with everything we had talked about. Shannon and her team took care of all the details and small touches that were so important and we loved everything about our day!

What wedding planning advice would you offer to couples who are currently planning their wedding? My advice would be to decide together what is most important to the both of you about your wedding day. I had so many ideas saved on pinterest and I thought everything was a priority at first. I learned quickly that it just stresses you out to try and have it all, plus its hard to fit it all into your budget! Also, a huge thing for me was not to compare to all the weddings you see on social media, you don’t know any of the details about their weddings and in the end your wedding is uniquely yours! Don’t let comparison steal your joy!

Any tips on what to bring/pack for your wedding day? I found some really great “day of” packing/emergency lists on pinterest that helped me! I made myself a list two weeks before, went and bought everything, put it into a basket and labeled it! that way I had it all ready and the list was there for reference in case someone had to grab something for me!

Any tips on how to prepare to work with Bespoken? I would suggest reading over the packages on the website, just to better understand what they offer! Try to have a few basic details down beforehand and have your pinterest board ready as well! It helps to visually show what your vision for your wedding looks like, or to at least have ideas!

Photography:  Manchik Photography // Planner:  Bespoken // Floral Designer:  Kate Asire Flowers // Venue:  Lion’s Gate Manor // Entertainment:  Uptown Entertainment and  Lydia Alleman // Rentals:  A Darling Day and Professional Party Rentals // Officiant: Justin Barber // Catering:  Cribb’s Kitchen // Video:  Daniel Usmanoff // Beauty:  Makeup by Andi J, Angelina Prikhodko, Jazmine Vaca, Elina Bolam // Bride’s Dress:  Anjolique Bridal // Cake:  Marieanna Yurchenko // 


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