A Month of Getting Healthy Together: Other Fun Activities

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For an entire month now, you and yours have been intentional on getting healthy together. You’ve made the commitment. You’ve worked out together. You’ve cooked a clean meal together. And why stop now? Adding in variety will help you keep the momentum going. Try any and all of the following activities to keep things fun and fresh while you continue to live a healthy, active lifestyle together!

  • Go to an indoor trampoline park (Because who doesn’t like feeling like a kid again?!)
  • Go hiking
  • Go paddle boarding
  • Go roller skating (1989 called, and they said to share the love!)
  • Go rock climbing
  • Go play laser tag (Again…who doesn’t like feeling like a kid again?)
  • Go sight seeing
  • Go bowling
  • Go play paintball
  • Go dancing (Take a class or go to a local hot spot)
  • Go play softball (Join a local league!)


Top Image Credit:  Roots Rated


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