3 Wedding Rules & Traditions You Can Break

Wedding Planning

If you know anything about weddings, you know that there are a lot of traditions and “rules” to follow. And while this is true, it’s also true that times have, and continue, to change…which means some of these rules and traditions don’t necessarily apply anymore. Here are 3 you can break…

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Red Apple Tree Photography

#1 – The Budget

Tradition:  The bride’s parents pay for the wedding; the groom’s parents pay for the rehearsal dinner.

Updated:   In modern times, the budget is split up in various ways. Some parents of the bride still insist on paying for every aspect of the wedding. Some parents of the groom want to chip in, and many times the bride and groom pay for some aspect of the wedding. No matter what, know that whoever chips in gets a say in the planning. You can read more about who pays for what here.

#2 – The Registry

Tradition:  Your wedding registry should consist of household items.

Updated:  While you may certainly register for a number of household items, you are no longer held to strictly registering for kitchen tools, decor, china, linens, etc. There are so many alternative registries out there. You can even register for your honeymoon. Read our post here about Alternative Wedding Registries for ideas.

#3 – The Moment He Sees Her

Tradition:  The first time the groom should see the bride is at the Ceremony as she’s walking down the aisle.

Updated:  Nowadays, many couples choose to do a First Look. This is a special moment between the bride and groom when the two can see each other before the wedding. We are huge fans of First Looks, and you can read more here. But you are in no way obligated to wait to see each other until the Ceremony…nor are you obligated to do a First Look. You do you.


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