10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

Wedding Planning

A wedding planner is essential to your wedding. With so many different things going on leading up to your big day and on the day-of, you and your loved ones need to be able to enjoy the celebrations without the headaches. It is incredibly helpful to have someone lead you through the process and handle the logistics on the day-of so you can soak in every moment. So if you’re on the fence and unsure of whether or not to hire a wedding planner, read on.

  1. To alleviate stress:  You need to have a life outside of wedding planning. You need to be able to focus on building the foundation of your marriage. Hiring a wedding planner will not only free up an enormous amount of time for you, but it will also save you many headaches in trying to coordinate the many different moving parts and people. With someone else taking care of the details, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the moment.
  2. To have someone who is up-to-date with the latest trends:  Not only will the wedding planner have the knowledge of the current wedding trends, but he or she will get to know you well enough to know how to infuse your personality and tastes into your wedding design. He or she will be able to turn your vision into a meaningful event that tells a story to your guests.
  3. To trust someone with experience:  A wedding planner or coordinator has the knowledge, as well as the experience, to be able to plan and execute all of the logistics of your wedding festivities. He or she also knows how to handle any problems that may arise. A good wedding planner will solve these problems with grace, patience, and a sense of calmness.
  4. To have someone with connections:  Reputable wedding planners recommend reputable vendors. They will only refer you to quality and dependable vendors that they personally trust. While Bespoken doesn’t accept kickbacks or commission from other wedding vendors, we make sure to only recommend the best and highly curated vendors for your big day.
  5. To have a go-to-person for etiquette:  Good wedding planners guide brides and grooms on proper wedding etiquette. They know how to develop a wedding timeline. They know the many ways of inviting guests. They know when the right time is to send out your invitations. Again, all of this is taken care of when you hire a wedding planner so you don’t have to research it and worry about it on your own.
  6.  To save money and avoid costly mistakes:  A wedding planner can help you develop and stick to your budget. He or she will be able to bring your vision to life in the best way possible within your set budget.
  7. To make sure the bridal party sticks to the wedding schedule:  You shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not your bridesmaids or groomsmen are where they need to be at the right time. A wedding planner will handle this for you.
  8. To have a go-to-person for all questions on the day-of:  While you are being pampered and while you are celebrating your new husband, you shouldn’t have to answer tedious questions from guests or vendors. Hiring a wedding planner to be the go-to-person for all questions will ensure that you enjoy every single moment of your big day.
  9. To have someone else worry about cleaning and packing up at the end of the night:  The last thing you or your family members want to do after you exit is worry about who is taking the gifts, who is taking home the leftover cake, and who is making sure there is no damage to the venue or rentals. A wedding planner will do all of this for you so you can leave and start your honeymoon in peace.
  10. To be able to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime event: Weddings typically happen once in a lifetime. You want the day to go as perfectly as possible while you enjoy all of the fun and celebrations. Hiring a wedding planner to handle all of the details will ensure that you can relax, focus on what matters most, and spend as much time as possible with your loved ones.

A wedding planner is the one person you will need to be able to fully trust throughout your planning experience. He or she is a priceless investment. If you missed last week’s post on how to find the right wedding planner for you, make sure you read it for some tips on moving forward!

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